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Predicts 2021: Operational AI Infrastructure and Enabling AI Orchestration Platforms

Key findings, predictions, and recommendations for IT leaders on scaling AI initiatives

According to analyst firm Gartner, “[nearly] 50% of AI projects never make it into production.”1 Yet, AI use in enterprises continues to rise, garnering urgency for IT leaders to lean into platforms that accelerate compute and enable AI Orchestration. 

With state-of-the-art experiment management and model serving features, Spell is a platform built for leaders to maximize AI Orchestration success during this seminal time for AI adoption — enabling streamlined, sustainable, obstacle-free model development.

Read Predicts 2021: Operational AI Infrastructure and Enabling AI Orchestration Platforms, a complimentary Gartner report from Spell, to learn:

  • Key findings on AI development and adoption in enterprises
  • Recommendations for IT leaders responsible for scaling AI initiatives
  • Strategic planning assumptions to keep in mind for AI operationalization efforts

1Source: Survey Analysis: Moving AI Projects from Prototype to Production, Erick Brethenoux, 6 July 2020






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